SEO Case Study of A Renowned Cement Brand in Bangladesh

Transforming Organic Traffic


A Renowned Cement Brand




Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Project Period

January 2022 – Till Now

SEO case study on Cement company

This case study presents a detailed analysis of how a renowned Cement Brand in Bangladesh significantly improved its organic traffic from a meager 15 visitors per month to a staggering 5,600 visitors per month. The brand’s website initially faced several challenges, including poor content quality, lack of SEO optimization, low organic traffic, and fierce competition from leading industry competitors. However, through a comprehensive SEO strategy and diligent implementation, the website successfully achieved remarkable results, including improved rankings, increased organic traffic, and reduced bounce rates.

  1. SEO Audit and Competitor Analysis: To lay the groundwork for a successful SEO campaign, the first step was to conduct a thorough SEO audit and competitor analysis. This helped identify the website’s shortcomings and gaps compared to the leading competitors in the cement industry. The analysis served as a blueprint for the subsequent optimization efforts.
  2. Keyword Research and Optimization: Based on the findings from the competitor analysis, targeted keywords were identified to optimize the website’s content effectively. A comprehensive keyword research report was prepared, encompassing both service pages and blog content. This ensured that the website was strategically optimized for relevant keywords, attracting high search volume and potential traffic.
  3. On-site Optimization: The website underwent a complete overhaul to rectify its existing issues. On-site optimization involved fixing technical and content-related aspects. The thin content was addressed, ensuring that all pages were SEO-friendly and provided valuable information to users. Targeted keywords were strategically incorporated into the content body, page titles, and meta descriptions. Additionally, image alt tags, canonical tags, and other necessary optimizations were implemented to enhance the overall on-site SEO quality.
  4. Integration with Google Search Console: Previously, the website lacked integration with the Google Search Console. By integrating the tool and submitting sitemaps, the website became more accessible to search engines, leading to improved search engine rankings. Thin content was also removed through the Search Console, further boosting the website’s SEO performance.
  5. HTTP Version Indexing and Responsiveness: To optimize the website’s technical aspects, the issue of indexing through the HTTP version was addressed. This ensured that the website was properly indexed, maximizing its visibility in search engine results. Additionally, the website was made responsive to cater to users accessing it through various devices, thereby providing an enhanced user experience.
  6. Content Creation and Optimization: A content strategy was implemented, resulting in the creation of approximately 60 pieces of content. These included blog posts targeting both low and high-competition keywords. Extensive research, incorporation of visuals, tables, and videos, and alignment with E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) guidelines were prioritized to enhance the content quality. Each blog post targeted primary and secondary keywords, and references to credible sources were included. The adoption of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology for blogs further facilitated faster loading on mobile devices, contributing to improved rankings.
  7. Off-page Optimization and Link Building: In the third month, off-page optimization efforts were initiated. Guest posts were acquired from high-traffic, niche-relevant websites to generate quality backlinks. Additionally, basic backlinks, such as profile backlinks, were established. These off-page optimization strategies complemented the on-page efforts and naturally attracted more backlinks to the website’s blogs and internal pages.


SEO case study of a cement brand

  1. Drastic Ranking Improvement: Through the comprehensive SEO approach, the website’s ranking witnessed a significant improvement. All targeted keywords achieved first-page rankings, with nearly 50 pages ranking between the first and third pages of search results. Moreover, over 500 keywords began appearing on the first page, enhancing the website’s visibility and exposure.
  2. Increased Organic Traffic: The combined efforts of on-site and off-site optimization led to a remarkable surge in organic traffic. The website’s monthly organic traffic skyrocketed from a mere 15 visitors to an impressive 5,600 visitors, showcasing the effectiveness of the implemented strategies.
  3. Domination of Top Search Positions: With the successful implementation of SEO techniques, the website claimed the top position for over 100 service-oriented keywords. This dominance in search rankings ensured a prominent online presence and increased the likelihood of attracting potential customers.
  4. Reduced Bounce Rate: By focusing on improving the website’s content quality, user experience, and technical aspects, the bounce rate was significantly reduced. The website managed to decrease the bounce rate by 79%, dropping from a high of 91% to a much more favorable level. This indicated that visitors were engaging with the website’s content and finding value in their interactions.
  5. Natural Backlink Acquisition: The high-quality content produced as part of the SEO strategy naturally attracted backlinks from external sources. This demonstrated the relevance and authority of the website, contributing to its overall SEO performance.


Through a comprehensive SEO approach, the renowned Cement Brand in Bangladesh experienced a remarkable transformation in its website’s organic traffic. By addressing technical issues, improving content quality, conducting extensive keyword research, implementing on-page and off-page optimization, and acquiring natural backlinks, the website witnessed a phenomenal increase in organic traffic. Achieving top search rankings and dominating relevant keywords further solidified the brand’s online presence. This case study exemplifies the power of strategic SEO implementation and serves as an inspiration for other brands seeking to improve their organic traffic and search engine rankings.